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Arabica Coffee

What does Arabica Coffee mean?

Arabica is a type of coffee that originally came from Ethiopia, but is now widespread in much of the world, especially South America, Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.  Under the name 'Arabica' there are many varietals that exist, and each has their own slight differences and taste based on the type and Appalachian of where they're grown.   Arabica beans are more costly and take more time to grow, but they represent the majority (approximately 70%) of coffee produced in the world.

The world benchmark for coffee futures is arabica coffee (ticker symbol = C)...unless otherwise stated as robusta.

Futures Knowledge Explains Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee beans are more expensive because the plant is less hardy than the Robusta coffee plant, and it is handled almost exclusively by hand as opposed to with harvesting machines (commonly used in robusta).  Arabica is also more susceptible to pests and fragile growing conditions.  It is widely considered to be a more complex and better tasting coffee used in more premium brands and coffee shops.

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