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At the Market

What does At the Market mean?

An order placed with the broker to purchase or sale at the current market price. This order is executed at the price prevailing at the time of transaction. The order is generally executed within a fraction of seconds through automated platforms. It is popularly known as market order.

Futures Knowledge Explains At the Market

An order to buy or sell a share or futures contract at a price prevailing when the order reaches the trading facility and is actually executed. Suppose share of Google is quoted in the market at $550 and you want to purchase 100 shares of Google. If you are to purchase at prevailing market price. You can place a market order to buy the stock. The order would be executed at the market price prevailing at the time of transaction. As the price keep changing continuously and so transaction may be not be exactly at $550.

The other type of order,  known as Limit Order, is an order placed with a broker to purchase or sale at a desired price different from the current market price. If the market reaches the target price, the order will be executed or otherwise will expire.

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