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Derivatives Transaction Execution Facility – DTEF

What does Derivatives Transaction Execution Facility – DTEF mean?

An exchange or board of trade that trades only in limited set of commodities. Derivatives Transaction Execution Facility is highly focused towards specified commodities only and not directly available to retail participants. Though a DTEF is also required to be registered with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), but it is subject to fewer regulatory requirements than a contract market.

Futures Knowledge Explains Derivatives Transaction Execution Facility – DTEF

A participant on a Derivatives Transaction Execution Facility exchange must be a commercial entity. DTEF provides a market place where such derivatives transactions take place whose cash market isn’t available or even if it’s available then it’s thinly traded on that platform.  DTEF trades only in limited set of commodities and brings liquidity in such trades. These facilities aren’t open for retail participants. However retail participants can trade through high net worth futures commission merchants or commodity trading advisors.

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