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Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index - DJAIGCI

What does Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index - DJAIGCI mean?

A commodity index that tracks a basket of 19 commodities to measure commodities price movement. Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index DJAIGCI is considered to be a broadly diversified commodity price index and it represents the US commodities markets.

Futures Knowledge Explains Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index - DJAIGCI

Like other indices, Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index is a statistical measure of the changes in prices.  In DJAIGCI,  the limits on weightage of different commodities are fixed in such a way that that all commodities are properly represented. For example, minimum limit for weight for any individual commodity (say iron) has been fixed at 2 percent and maximum weight limit for any class of commodities (say metal) is fixed at 33 percent.

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