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International Swaps and Derivatives Association ISDA

What does International Swaps and Derivatives Association ISDA mean?

ISDA is an international trade organization of derivatives market participants. Its aim is to make the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market safe and effective by identifying and lessening risks in the market.

Futures Knowledge Explains International Swaps and Derivatives Association ISDA

Founded in 1985, ISDA has headquarter in New York. It has 800 members representing a broad range of derivatives market participants across the world.  ISDA works for standardization of terms and conditions for swaps agreements. It has also published Master Agreement which provides a widely-used standard agreement in over-the-counter derivative transactions internationally. This standardization+ helps the parties and they need not to renegotiate every time a new transaction happens. ISDA also represent the combined views of its members before the governments and other policy makers.

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