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Inverted Yield Curve

What does Inverted Yield Curve mean?

The yield curve which moves downward. It is also called a negative yield curve, as in this market situation lower term bonds carry lower interest rates compared to short term bonds.

Futures Knowledge Explains Inverted Yield Curve

Yield Curve is a line graph of maturity period of bonds and their interest rates. The maturity period of bonds such as the three-month, two-year, five-year and 30-year is shown on x axis and their interest rates on y axis. Normally the long duration bonds carry higher risk and so have higher interest rate. The yield curve normally moves upward. But if the economic outlook is not positive, short-term interest rates become higher than long-term rates. The yield curve moves downward and its shape inverts.

The inverted yield curve is a bearish indicator and may signal coming recession. For example, just before 2008 crisis, US money market witnessed inverted yield curve.

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