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Which U.S. State has the highest gasoline tax?

In the U.S. each state has an excise tax they levy against the consumption of gasoline, which is charged on a per gallon basis. In addition, there is a federal excise tax as well placed on gasoline.

As of April 2014, California has the highest gasoline tax among the 50 states with a state specific gasoline tax of 52.9¢ per gallon. In addition to a federal gasoline tax of 18.4¢ per gasoline, Californians pay a total of 71.3¢ in taxes on each gallon.

Top 5 Highest U.S. State Gasoline Taxes     

StateState Gasoline Tax (¢/gallon)State + Federal Gas Tax (¢/gallon)
California 52.9 71.3
New York 49.9 68.3
Connecticut 49.3 67.7
Hawaii 48.1 66.5
Pennsylvania 41.8 60.2

The average state has a gasoline tax of 31.5¢/gallon and a combined state and federal gasoline tax of 49.9¢/gallon. The state with the lowest gasoline tax is Alaska who pay just 12.4¢ per gallon (30.8¢ per gallon combined).

Did you know: the first U.S. state to levy a fuel tax was Oregon in 1919 at 5¢ per gallon. 

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